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On hot summer days, when you are melting into a pool of your own sweat, you know it’s time to take the edge off the heat. Not to mention, hot weather can also make you cranky and ruin the summer vacation trip that you are planning. If hot weather is already getting to you, we have it all sorted out. A portable air conditioner is a solution to all your summer problems.

FreezAir Pro, a portable air conditioner is the best route to soothing summers if you can’t install a traditional air conditioner in your space. It may be because of design limitations or high installation costs. During a hot summer trip or a day out in the scorching heat, a portable air conditioner is the best option.

airfreeze pro
airfreeze pro

Don’t spend another day sweltering in the melting heat of the summers. Buy a portable air conditioner and turn a hot and dry space into a humid, cool, and comfortable place in no time. Here is the complete guide and a detailed review of FreezAir Pro, to help you fight the hot weather.


When the temperature starts to rise, people rush towards the markets to buy traditional AC’s or pay huge amounts to service their already installed air conditioners to keep their homes and offices at a comfortable temperature. If you aren’t sure if you should get a traditional window model or use a portable air conditioner, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

freez air pro version
freez air pro version


With the advent of technology, traditional Air Conditioners are now a thing in the past. They are now outdated because of being expensive, energy-consuming, noisy, and hard to clean. Apart from that, traditional AC’s are fixed to the walls and can’t be moved around.

A much cheaper and effective alternative is a portable air conditioner. Its design outperforms both traditional air conditioners and fans. With the summer approaching, these portable air conditioners are quickly becoming the talk of the town. 


FreezAir Pro is a portable coolant system engineered by the Cool Air Company to help you keep cool in the summers’ melting heat. It is a small air conditioner that packs a huge cooling punch. As compared to a traditional AC, it is more efficient in terms of energy and money.  Being the next generation of AC units, FreezAir Pro has no installation and maintenance costs, cools air much faster, and is equally suitable for any home, office, or car.

freez air pro function
freez air pro function

FreezAir Pro is an engineering masterpiece that not only is an air coolant but also acts as an air purifier and humidifier. The diversity of its function makes it an excellent choice for everyone who wants to keep it cool anywhere and everywhere. Also, it doesn’t need to be hooked up to a window, so you have more flexibility in choosing where to place it. In this FreezAir Pro review, we’ll make sure you know all the product’s features and how it works before adding this device to your life!


The FreezAir Pro is designed to help you stay cool and comfortable through hot summer days and nights. As it is powered by USB, you can easily take it just about anywhere making it even more compact and a perfect travel companion.

air freeze pro
air freeze pro

The system has a 300ml water reservoir at the back of the tank. Fill the reservoir with tap water and press the start button. It is this easy to set up. The water allows the FreezAir to send out the cooler air. Also, despite its smaller size, the efficient design allows 1 full reservoir to last you the entire day.

The device has three intensity modes. You can set the device to one of three modes:

  • Cool
  • Chill
  • Freezing

AirFreeze Pro has the ability to cool down any medium-sized room by up to 18°F / 10°C. You can also plug it into any computer, with a wall adaptor, or any sort of device as this A/C unit can draw power from anywhere, even a mobile device. This makes it super flexible and portable to fit in any small space and provide instant relief from the heat wherever you go.


As mentioned earlier, the FreezAir Pro is extremely portable, efficient, and incredibly easy to use. It can be taken anywhere, whether it’s your car or you’re looking to have a nice cool spot at your picnic! This all-in-one air cooler, humidifier, and purifier will get you through summers with its multi-functionality. Let’s delve into detailed features of the device.

Adjustable blades:

The system has adjustable multi-directional blades. These can be moved and adjusted upwards, downwards, and sideways to set the air’s direction according to your preference.

Ultra-compact design and portability:

The FreezAir Pro is small in size and weighs less than 2 pounds when unfilled. Its cord-free design and carry handle makes it extremely portable and easy to carry around. The no-installation design allows you to keep it with you, whether you are out for a picnic or chilling in your car on a hot summer day.

Fan with three speeds:

The device has three different speed modes to meet all your needs. Adjust the device to cool, chill, or freezing mode according to your liking and get rid of sweaty, irritating, and angry summers.

adjustable speed freezair pro
adjustable speed freezair pro

Water tank with a long service life:

The water tank has a maximum capacity of 300ml. The reservoir tank lasts for a minimum of 8 hours, giving it long and efficient service life.


The FreezAir Pro features an energy-efficient technology that consumes low power; as low as a small fan consumes, so you do not have to pay a fortune on your electricity bill.


Besides all the benefits, the device is made of environment-friendly material that is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Led lights in various colors:

It features Led lights in seven different color options, depending on your mood and preference. Now you can set the mood with any color you want or even use it as a nightlight in your kid’s room.


Very affordable:

Despite all the benefits, the FreezAir Pro is very budget-friendly and affordable.


Calling FreezAir Pro amazing would be an understatement. You might be surprised to know what kind of benefits this FreezAir Pro offers. By the end of this section, you will know everything this amazing device offers!

Air conditioning:

The FreezAir Pro regulates the temperature near you in less than 30 seconds. Rather than sitting miserably in the sweltering summer heat, take this AC unit ANYWHERE. Its Rapid Cooling Mode immediately pumps out 2.7 m/s of cool and refreshing air. So, buy air freeze pro and make your life a little cooler and less cranky.

freezairpro air conditioning
freezairpro air conditioning

In the melting heat of the sun, Air Conditioners are nothing less than a blessing. No matter how hot the weather is, or wherever you are, this FreezAir Pro can always come in handy. Three fan speeds allow you to set it to your optimum comfort level and feel relaxed in your house, car, or anywhere outside.

An effective humidifier:

In addition to cooling down the area, FreezAir Pro has numerous other benefits. One of these benefits is adding moisture to the air to prevent dryness. Air freeze pro hydrates the skin and prevents irritation in many parts of the body. It helps to alleviate dry skin, chapped lips, and common cold symptoms by emitting water vapors into the space to increase the level of humidity.

Air purifying action:

Air freeze pro also acts as an air purifier and filters your surrounding air, making it healthier and fresher to breathe. It is especially great for those with dust and pollen allergies. The Air freeze pro has a Water Curtain to trap and filter dust particles in the air before they get blown on you. Now you can breathe into a lot more cooler, healthier, and fresher air without spending a fortune on it.

free air purifier
free air purifier

Quiet running technology:

You do not have to worry about noise either; the FreezAir Pro has it covered as well. It features a quiet running technology that is extremely quiet and barely noticeable. This makes it a perfect choice to have in the bedroom during those warm summer nights.

freez air pro usage
freez air pro usage

LED Lights:

Another amazing thing about the FreezAir Pro is that it has multi-color Led lights that can light up the area if you choose to have it do so. It acts as a soothing nightlight to set up the mood during the warm and quiet summer nights. You can make this device a part of your summer routine by choosing one of any seven colors according to your mood.

  • FreezAir Pro has advanced features and high-quality specifications.
  • It is not very expensive, and most people would find it affordable.
  • There is a 50% promotional discount, where you can order your FreezAir Pro for just $89.99.
  • Extremely easy to install.
  • The Item is Eco-Friendly and has an in-built purifying humidifier.
  • We cannot think of any negative, no matter how hard we try. The device is perfect for your summer routine.


Traditional air conditioning wreaks havoc on the environment as it contributes to the greenhouse gases in the world. Moreover, when you flip the AC on, your electricity bill skyrockets. So, not only the environment suffers but also your wallet.

For these very reasons FreezAir Pro is the right choice. It acts as an effective cooling powerhouse that just cools the air around you, and not any unnecessary space that you are not using. This not only saves energy and money but also saves the environment from toxic materials. So what are you waiting for? Buy FreezAir Pro right now and take it with you anywhere!


The reviews about FreezAir Pro have been overwhelmingly positive. This top-selling portable beauty is gathering a lot of praise. The main reason why people love this product is that it works amazingly well to cool any area down and can be placed anywhere you like. People, especially kids, like the LED light as it changes colors. There have been many positive reviews about it as it makes a perfect nightlight for a child’s bedroom. If you are ready to feel the breeze, act quickly and place the order. The deals that the company is offering are limited and won’t last forever. So, get your hands on it as fast as you can and get the cool breeze you deserve.

Is FreezAir Pro worth buying?

Absolutely yes!  Say goodbye to old and outdated traditional air conditioners and buy freeze air pro to stay cool and comfortable this summer. Without any further delay, order now to avail the discount before it runs out.

freezing night effect
freezing night effect

If you are still sitting on the fence, the fact that FreezAir Pro is energy-efficient and environment-friendly should make it easy for you. Not only would you be saving the environment, but also a great deal of cash in the long-run!


Traditional AC units are very expensive and can cost as much as $300-800. But the FreezAir Pro only costs $198.00, which is way too less than you expected. However, there is more to it. The company offers a 50% promotional discount, where you can order your FreezAir for half the price i.e. $89.99!


After carefully analyzing the FreezAir Pro, we concluded that it is totally worth the purchase. If you are tired of your kids whining about the hot weather, or you get cranky with the heat, you can now fight back these hot summer days. If you use the air freeze with caution, this can be your ultimate summer buddy. Also, the company offers a 50% discount which gives you another reason to buy it immediately.

Thank you for reading and keeping it cool!

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