Did you know you own 1500 germs thriving on every square centimeter of your body? The good news? Proper hand hygiene can reduce the germ count and harmful germ transmission. With the debut of the Coronavirus outbreak, maintaining personal hygiene and giving additional attention to your health has become crucial. 


Watching someone dab sanitizer into their hands is a common sight nowadays. Whether it’s a kid’s play area, a nursing home, or a workplace, hand sanitizers are installed everywhere. Moreover, a portable sanitizer has become an essential bag item to carry around all the time. 

In the world of hand sanitizers, VapeSan Pro is the ultimate lifesaver. With its Ultra Sonic Technology, you can get safe and clean hands in only a couple of seconds! Let’s find out how safe and efficient this modern era product is and is it worth your money!



Vapesan pro is a motion-activated hand sanitizer with the ideal quality of being touchless. It is hygienic for all the family as it poses a threat to germs and viruses, especially when covid-19 is all over the place. Moreover, its No-Touch technology has come to be increasingly sought after. This sanitizer features a portable design that is easy to carry around without the fear of spilling it in your bag. It makes it easier for everyone to make cleanliness their priority, especially when it comes to worrying about the germs transmitted while touching.  Hence, Vapesan pro is a wise choice to make for adapting a hygienic lifestyle.

Traditional Hand Sanitizer Vs. Vapesan Pro:

Hand sanitizers are meant to fight infectious diseases on our hands. Traditional hand sanitizers are in the form of a gel that we use in our everyday life. They proved to be very helpful in the early days of covid-19; however, it was soon realized that when multiple people touch a hand sanitizer, it can also add to the risk of germ transmission. 

In this case, Vapesan pro becomes the perfect option. It offers touchless technology based on the phenomena of motion activation. Compared to the traditional sanitizer, vapesan pro can be used for a more extended period and is easily affordable.

Features of Vapesan pro:      


Shielded and effective:

The ingredients used in the making of Vapesan pro are suitable for everyone, including adults and kids. The formula contains alcohol for fighting against viruses. FDA has approved Vapesan pro keeping in view its hygienic manufacturing standards.

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Detectable tool:                                              

Vapesan pro has sensing technology, which is a touchless feature that lessens the risk of transmitting germs while touching. With the debut of the societal distancing standards, it should be placed in public places as its use will reduce Coronavirus’s spread.

Easy to recharge:

Motion-activated sanitizer works along with the battery. It doesn’t require a large amount of electricity and charges easily.

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Portable design:

It is small in size and easy to carry along with you. Only the battery should be charged before taking it anywhere.

Ergonomic design:

Vapesan pro has a unique design that enhances the appearance of a room with its sophisticated look. It can be placed even outside the house, which will help the visitors to leave their germs at the doorstep.


Its design prevents the wastage of sanitizer as it is corrosion resistive. It is durable, and a guarantee is also provided while purchasing vapesan pro.

Structure of Vapesan pro:

A battery:

Vapesan pro consists of a battery, which makes it easier to use. The battery doesn’t require specific chargers; it can be charged with android power cables. After connecting the charger, the red light symbol will show its charging. The red light will automatically disappear when the charging is full.

Alcohol Atomizer:

Vapesan pro has an automatic alcohol atomizer, which is mainly used to sanitize hands. It only takes thirty seconds to remove germs.

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The sensor in vapesan pro works on the mechanism of infrared sensors in which when a hand comes near it, the Light-emitting diode LED reflects off and is quickly detected by the receiver.

Demountable water bottle:

It has a removable water bottle, which helps maintain your hygiene by cleaning the bottle and placing it again for reuse.

Working of Vapesan pro:

Vapesan Pro proves to be a miracle while killing all the pathogens. This mini gadget has two modes:

  • Continuous mode
  • Intermittent mode

The motion-activated sensor reflects off the hand and is detected by the receiver, and dispenses the required amount of sanitizer.

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The price range of vapesan pro:

Vapesan pro is affordable for consumers. The price of vapesan pro is $117.74. The company also offers some deals to make it more affordable for users.

Buy two vapesan pros and get one free:

This offer can be availed from the official site of vapesan pro for just $353.20.

Buy three vapesan pros and get two free:

In this offer, you can buy five units of vapesan pro for just $588.68.

Pros of Vapesan pro:

This mini gadget is very advantageous in many ways:

Effective for Travellers:

The small size of the vapesan pro makes it easier to carry with you while traveling. We can see that traveling during covid-19 is very risky; by keeping vapesan pro, you can fight viruses and germs.

Accommodating for more than one person:

It has sensing technology for its use, so 1 unit of vapesan pro can be used by many persons without the risk of transmission of viruses and germs.

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 Refilling and sterilization of the bottle:

Sanitizer bottle can be sterilized by removing it from the device. It also provides the benefit of refilling with sanitizer for reusing.

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Cons of Vapesan pro:

We cannot think of any cons, especially when hygiene is everyone’s priority during covid-19. This mini gadget proves to be excellent for people.


By looking at this robust technological innovation, no one is going to regret buying vapesan pro. Vapesan pro will keep you and your family pathogens free. The company also offers a 50% discount, which gives you another reason to buy it immediately.  


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